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"Bell Bottom" Earrings

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What is "Firepainted" copper? I use a torch on copper sheet in an 11 step hot and cold process to obtain vibrant colors. No chemicals or dyes are used. I then hand cut my shapes with a jeweler's saw, shears or die cuts and many times cold connect copper with other metals with handmade rivets. I pair many pieces with genuine gemstones and create my own settings with fine silver.

Most ear wires and chain are sterling silver darkened with a patina.
Firepainted "Bell Bottom" earrings. Approx. 3.5"L

These pieces were created using a torch on copper sheet. The copper is the canvas, while the torch and flame are the brush and paint, creating the glorious patterns and luminous hues on this hand cut shape.

Each is a surprise as I "fire-paint" until I see something magical happening.

Please note: These are examples only and may or may not be a pair you receive. Due to the variations of color and patterning in the copper, no two will ever be the same.

    Materials: Heat treated copper. Color is protected with a top grade, permanent gloss lacquer. Sterling silver ear wires.

"Bell Bottom" Earrings
"Bell Bottom" Earrings