LeAnne Marquis

3/4" convex circle earrings

on long earwires
Firepainted 3/4" diameter copper circles on long sterling silver earwires which have been darkened with a patina.

These pieces were created using a torch on copper sheet. The copper is the canvas, while the torch and flame are the brush and paint, creating the glorious patterns and luminous hues on this hand cut shape.

Please Note: The earrings pictured have sold. Each one is a surprise as I "fire-paint" until I see something magical happening.

Earrings measure 2" in length from top of the earwire to bottom of the circle.

    Materials: Heat treated copper. Color is protected with a top grade, permanent gloss lacquer. Sterling silver ear wires that have been darkened with a patina.

3/4" convex circle earrings
3/4" convex circle earrings