LeAnne Marquis
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Daisy Doodle Scarf Slides

Sterling or copper
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Sterling Silver  $85.00
Copper  $40.00

Welcome, Spring! An organic doodle of a daisy is made from nearly 3 feet of a continuous piece of sterling silver or copper wire. It is then oxidized and buffed for contrast. As in a field of daisies, each doodle will be similar but will certainly never be the same!

I am creating these as necklaces or pendants to slide onto your favorite scarf. Your choice. Where did the gorgeous scarf in the photo come from, you ask... an incredibly talented silk painter from Annapolis, MD named Rebecca Snure. Rebecca is owner and founder of Nectar Silks. Find scarves on Rebecca's website:www.nectarsilks

The scarf pictured was created with my daisy doodle in mind and is the first and so far only one of its kind! It's in my personal collection and not for sale but more daisy scarves are in the works!

Please be aware that these pieces are made to order and the pieces you receive may not be those pictured.

To place an order, place in bag.

Materials: Handcrafted and patinaed silver or copper

Daisy Doodle Scarf Slides
Daisy Doodle Scarf Slides