LeAnne Marquis
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Copper Daisy Doodle

# DD-C
on black steel magnetic cable
Price: $55.00

Welcome, Spring! My silver doodle was so popular, I thought I would create some in copper! Copper is big this season and a less expensive option. Besides which, it is gorgeous!! Nearly 3 feet of a continuous piece of copper wire is used in each doodle. It is then oxidized and buffed for contrast. A fun piece that may be worn with anything. As in a field of daisies, each doodle will be similar but will certainly never be the same!

I am very excited to show you how beautiful these pendents look on as you can see with lovely Semi, modeling hers.

Materials: Copper wire. Necklace: nylon coated steel cable, magnetic clasp.

Copper Daisy Doodle
Copper Daisy Doodle